Father Francis Aning Amoah Discusses Integrating Organizational Psychology Into The Workplace

Employee Training

One of the most important factors in developing an employee is their training.

Employee Development

The same goes for skill development — who better to teach someone how to do their job than an experienced professional? Father Francis Aning Amoah feels this is especially true for technical positions requiring a higher degree of training — manufacturing or industrial jobs come to mind.

Organizational Psychologists In Times Of Crisis

Organizations might also call on organizational psychologists when there is conflict, such as when employees complain about their managers/working conditions.

Career Development

Another factor that organizations look into when hiring is the candidate’s background; for example, if someone had worked at a specific company before, they might be more than qualified than someone who has no experience with this type of job.

Ergonomic Accommodation

Many organizations come to organizational psychology professionals for help in making sure their employees are working in a safe and ergonomically sound environment. This often includes assessing equipment or safety concerns to ensure there isn’t anything wrong with the current climate!

Conflict Resolution

When it comes time for a company to find a new leader for their team, it’s important to find the right person for the job. This is often done through board meetings or interviews; however, organizational psychologists can help by assessing everyone involved in decision-making to ensure no mistakes are made.

Employee Satisfaction

Organizational psychologists also help employers figure out ways to improve employee satisfaction, ensuring employees will want to continue working for the company.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many ways that organizational psychology professionals work within the workplace environment — and since their jobs are so varied, this list does not even cover everything! However, one thing is for sure: hiring an organizational psychologist is always a good idea for any successful business organization or team that works together to achieve specific goals.



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Father Francis Aning Amoah

Father Francis Aning Amoah

Industrial / Organizational Psychologist & Church leader. Located in Falls Church, Virginia